Before travelling

About Documentation

Passengers may obtain their boarding passes using the website check-in tab or, prior to departure, at the Baleària Caribbean ticket offices. Return boarding passes may be obtained at the same time as outbound boarding passes. Should a passenger lose his/her boarding pass, it may be reprinted after verification. 

Check- in

Check-in begins three hours prior to departure. Terminal gates close one hour before departure. Please note that due to strict security measures, you may run into traffic congestion upon entering the port. Plan your arrival to the actual port at least one hour prior to departure. Upon returning to the port, please allow no less than one hour for vessel clearance by local and federal authorities.<

Online Check-in

Providing that all passport information is correct, customers may print out their boarding passes once the reservation has been completed. Also, passengers may either print out or email their boarding passes at any time, once the reservation process has been concluded. This means that passengers go directly to the Boarding Control with their printed boarding pass and passport, where they will be validated before boarding.

Prior to boarding the vessel, extra luggage must be checked at the counter, even if you have a boarding pass. Passengers making reservations at the call center may receive their boarding pass by email.

Should a customer want to change the departure date and already have a boarding pass, whenever allowed (depending of the rate and company policy), he/she must go to the counter with the original boarding pass to proceed with any modifications.