Conditions of use


Section I "General information and acceptance of the general conditions for using the portal"


BALEÀRIA CARIBBEAN, LTD. (hereby known as BALEÀRIA), with company U. S. headquarters at Terminal 1, 1800 S. E. 18th St., Fort Lauderdale, Fl. 33316 with tax number 980704511 is the owner of the website, (hereby known as the Website) as well as,, and makes this website available for Internet users in order to provide information about services and offers of BALEÀRIA.


2.1. The aim of these General Conditions of Use of the Website, along with the general contractual conditions that rule over the provision of services and/or the particular conditions that may be established, is to regulate both the placing of information and the commercial relations that arise between BALEÀRIA and the Website users. The fact of browsing on the web and/or using any of the services included in it means that you take on the role of User.

Browsing and/or use of any of the services on the Website means the acceptance as a User, without any reservation whatsoever, of all these General Conditions of Use, of the General Contractual Conditions, that if appropriate, rule over the provision of services offered on the Website, as well as, if appropriate, the Particular Conditions that may exist in relation to the provision of services.

2.2. BALEÀRIA may, at any time, and without previous notice, amend these General Conditions, as well as the General Contractual Conditions laid down in Section III below, and/or the particular conditions which, if appropriate, are included, by means of the publication of these amendments on the Website so that the Users will be aware of them always before visiting the Website or on the purchasing of any of the consumer goods offered on the Website. This modification is not effective until three days after its publication.

2.3. BALEÀRIA does not assume any liability for any discrepancy that might exist between printed documents and the electronic version published in this website. In the event of discrepancies between the printed version and the version published on this website, the printed version will prevail.

2.4. This English version is published for informative purposes only. In the event of discrepancies between the English and the Spanish versions, the Spanish version will prevail.

Section II "General conditions of use of the portal"

These General Conditions will be applied to promotional activity and the supplying of information made through the Website as well as the provision of services offered on the Website, in such a way as they will at all times rule over both a simple browsing of the web and for the purchasing of goods and/or the provision of services within the framework of the Website, with the added condition that these latter activities are subject to both the General Conditions of Use and the General Contractual Conditions applicable and to the particular conditions, which, if appropriate, may exist.


1.1. All the contents shown on the Website -in particular the designs, texts, artworks, logotypes, icons, buttons, programming, commercial names, brands, illustrations or any other signs susceptible to industrial and commercial use- are subject to intellectual and industrial property rights of BALEÀRIA or of named third parties that have duly authorized their inclusion in the Website.

1.2. Under no circumstances whatsoever will any permission be granted or any renouncement, transmission, total or partial cession of these rights be awarded, nor any right or expectation of right, and especially rights of alteration, exploitation, reproduction, distribution or public communication regarding the contents without the previous expressed authorization of BALEÀRIA or of the corresponding owners.


2.1. BALEÀRIA will only respond to any damages the User may suffer as a result of the use of the Website when these damages are attributable to an improper act of the company. The User recognizes and accepts that the use of the Website, as well as the provision of services that it offers, is made at their own total risk and liability.

2.2. BALEÀRIA is not liable for the damages that may derive from, of a merely stated and unlimited nature: (i) The inference, omission, interruption, computer virus, breakdowns and/or disconnections in the operative functioning of this electronic system or in the User's apparatus and computer equipment, due to reasons beyond the control of BALEÀRIA, which impede or delay the provision of the services or the navigation of the system; (ii) Delays or blocks in use caused by deficiencies or overloading of the Internet or other electronic systems; (iii) That may be caused by third parties by means of illegal intromissions that are beyond the control of the Bookings and which are not attributable to BALEÀRIA; (iv) The divergences of information, documentation and/or other contents of the Website that may exist between the electronic and printed versions; (v) The impossibility of providing the Service or enabling access due to reasons beyond the control of BALEÀRIA, due to the User, to third parties, or for reasons of Force Majeure.

2.3. BALEÀRIA does not control, generally, the use that the Users make of the Website. In particular BALEÀRIA does not give any guarantee whatsoever that the Users use the Website in full accordance with the law, these General Conditions, the generally accepted rules of morals and good behavior and public order, nor that they do so in a diligent and prudent way.

2.4. This website may contain links to other websites over which BALEÀRIA does not have any control, and for whose content it is not liable. Likewise, BALEÀRIA will not be liable for any technical availability of the websites which users access through its own website. The user assumes full responsibility for any damage that may arise due to access of the above mentioned content, as well as any other damage to his/her computer system caused by any material downloaded or obtained by other means through the use of said services or for any loss of data caused as a result of downloading the above mentioned material.

Similarly, BALEÀRIA will not be held responsible for any damage caused by abuse, by any user, of the rights of other users or third parties. This includes copyrights, trademarks, patents, confidential information or any other intellectual or industrial property rights.


3.1. In general, the Usuries obliged to comply with these General Conditions of Use, and if appropriate the Particular Conditions that are to be applied, as well as complying with the notifications or special instructions of use contained in these conditions or in the Website, and to always act in accordance with the law, accepted good behavior and the requirements of good faith, make every possible effort befitting the nature of the service on offer, abstain from using the Website in any way that may impede, damage or deteriorate the normal functioning, the goods or rights of BALEÀRIA, its suppliers, the other Users and any third party in general.

3.2. Specifically, and without implying any restriction on the assumed obligation of the User, in a general manner in accordance with the above section, the User is obliged in their use of the Website, as well as in the provision of services to: (i) In the case of registering, to provide true information and to keep it updated; (ii) Not enter, store or publicize, any information or material that is defamatory, harmful, obscene, threatening, xenophobic, an incitement to violence, discriminating due to race, sex, ideology, religion or in any other way attacks morals, public order, basic rights, public freedoms, honor, privacy or the image of third parties and in general the regulations in force; (iii) Not enter, store or publicize through the Website any computer program, data, virus, code, machinery or communications equipment or any other instrument or electronic or physical device that may cause damage on the Website, in any of the Services, or in any of the equipment, systems or networks of BALEÀRIA, of any User, of the suppliers of BALEÀRIA or in general any third party, or which in any other form may be capable of causing them any kind of alteration or impediment in their normal working order; (iv) to suitably take responsibility for the "Username" and "Password" they provide to BALEÀRIA as identifying and entry elements in order to gain access to the different services offered on the Website, with the promise of not allowing their use or access to third parties, accepting full responsibility for any damages that may arise from its improper use. The User also promises to inform BALEÀRIA, with the maximum haste, of their loss to or robbery by a third party, as well as any other risk of access to the "Username" and/or the "Password"; (v) Not undertake publicity, promotional or commercial exploitation activities through the Website, not using the contents and in particular the information obtained through the Website to send out publicity, send messages for purposes of direct selling or any other commercial end, nor to collect or store personal data of third parties; (vi) Not to use false identities, nor impersonate others in the use of the Website or in the use of any of the services of the Website, including the use if appropriate of passwords or access codes of third parties or of any other form; (vii) Not destroy, alter, use for their own purposes, render unusable or damage the electronic data, information, programs or documents of BALEÀRIA, its suppliers or third parties; (viii) Not enter, store or publicize through the Website any contents that contain intellectual or industrial property rights or business secrets of third parties, nor in general any contents of which, in compliance with the law, does not possess the right to be placed there and available for the third party.

Communications from BALEÀRIA to the User will be made according to the data provided by the latter on registering with the Website.

The User fully and expressly accepts the communications related to the use of the Website, and/or the contraction of services offered within it and the use of e-mail as a valid procedure for sending these communications.


4.1. These conditions are ruled by EEUU law, and which will be of application in that not mentioned in this contract in matters of interpretation, validity and undertaking.

Section III "Conditions for the provision of services between BALEÀRIA and the users"


1.1. These general contractual conditions along with, if appropriate, the particular conditions that may be established, expressly regulate the relations arising between BALEÀRIA CARIBBEAN LTD, with company address at Terminal 1, 1800 S. E. 18th St., Fort Lauderdale, Fl. and tax number 980704511 (hereby known as BALEÀRIA) and third parties (herby known as "Users") who contract out the provision of services or products offered through the Website.

1.2. The use and/or provision of any of the services of the Website signify the acceptance as User, without any type of reservation whatsoever, of each and every one of the General Contractual Conditions, of the General Conditions of Use of the Website as well as, if appropriate, the Particular Conditions referring to purchasing.

1.3. BALEÀRIA states that the procedures to undertake the purchase of goods and/or obtain the services offered are those described in these general conditions, as well as those other specific procedures that are shown on the screen while browsing, in such a way as the User declares knowledge of and acceptance of these procedures as necessary to have access to the products and services offered on the Website.

1.4. All the information provided during the contractual process will be stored by Balearia Caribbean Ltd., so that the User will be able to, with prior notice sent by e-mail, request information referring to any operations undertaken by them during the previous 6 months. Any amendment and/or correction of the data provided by the Users during browsing will be made according to the instructions included in the Website.

1.5. Users who contract services through BALEÀRIA's website declare themselves to be legally of age (18 years or older). Authorization from parents or legal guardians is required for minors who wish to enjoy the contracted service.