Cargo Services

Cargo Services

Looking for a quick, cost effective, and professional way to ship your cargo to Freeport, Grand Bahama or Bimini?  Look no further! 


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WE ARE MOVING OUR WAREHOUSE!! As of May 15th, 2019 we will be at our new location: 




Warehouse Hours


Monday: 9:00 A.M. - 7:00 P.M.

Tuesday: 9:00 A.M. - 2:00 P.M.

Wednesday: 9:00 A.M. - 7:00 P.M.

Thursday: 9:00 A.M. - 7:00 P.M.

Friday: 9:00 A.M. - 7:00 P.M.

Saturday: 9:00 A.M. - 7:00 P.M.

Closed: Sunday's

**Please contact us for pricing at  1-866-699-6988 or via email at **








We offer cargo/passenger bins & pallets at an affordable price. Passenger bins must be reserved online by either the website, travel agencies, or by calling us directly at 1-866-699-6988 prior to your travel date.


Passengers must be at the warehouse to load their cargo bins the day prior to their sailing at the times listed warehouse hours. Please note that all passenger bins must be accompanied by the customer and cannot be sent to Freeport without persons travelling with it.


If persons cannot travel with it, it must be sent as a cargo. In order to do this, a commercial invoice is needed for all goods present to declare it at Customs.


B1 y B2 (medium and large bins) are ONLY for furniture and appliances.


B3 are the regular (small) bins sold for luggage, food, small boxes, tiles, etc.


Cargo bins must be loaded and reserved 24 hours prior to date of travel.


If the cargo needs to be manifested the passenger have until 3 P.M. to manifest everything (for this they have to fill a Cargo sheet, and bring the invoices or send it by email).


Check our cargo loading updated schedule on our website by clicking CARGO or calling 866.699.6988


Cargo Window closes at 6:00 PM


No Bin, Pallet or any items can be brought outside the warehouse after closing Hour.


Cargo receiving is only until 5:00 PM (Drop off)


For CAR information and drop off please contact cargo department directly.


Cars must have all 4 tires or won’t be accepted.


Cars with flat tires are not accepted.


Cars leaking oil will be not accepted.


Customers must sign a waiver where it is made clear that Balearia Caribbean or the company stevedore are not responsible for the possible damages caused.


Cars will be declared abandoned after staying 3 months in Company Property.


The daily fee after the waiting period (5 business days) will be $20.00/ day.


EEI has to be processed for items with more than $2.500 value. $30.00 will be the process fee for shipping.


Overtime has an extra fee. Extra hours out of the regular schedules of warehouse (out of 10 AM to 6 PM)


An oversize fee could be charged if the pallets measurements exceed those of a standard pallet or is higher than 6 feet.


Maximum dimensions allowed by the ship's entrance:

Height: 8 Feet

Width: 8 Feet

2 Tons per Axis


Please see the Cargo rates and measurement guidelines listed below: 

*Rates listed below will be implemented as of June 24th, 2019.

BIN 5x5x5 $135 $80 $215
BIN 6x6x5 $205 $80 $285
BIN 4x4x4 $70 $80 $150
PALLET $105 $80 $185
CUBIC FT $5  $0 $5 x FT
SMALL BOX $50 $0 $50
MEDIUM BOX $75 $0 $75
BIG BOX $125 $0 $125
CAR* $510 $80 $590
STORAGE FEE $20  $0 $20 x day
DEMURRAGE* CARS AFTER 7 DAYS $20  $0 $20 x day


*Last 2 rows may change soon. If you have any questions regarding this please contact us.

*O.P. stands for Operational Charge.

Cargo Terms & Conditions

Disclaimer of liability of Balearia Caribbean

1. Balearia Caribbean (BC) or any person authorized by Balearia Caribbean (BC) shall be entitled, but under no obligation, to open any Container or package at any time and to inspect the Goods.

2. Balearia Caribbean is not responsible for the damage and theft of merchandise that is outside the warehouse. a) If carriage is Port to Port, the responsibility of Balearia Caribbean is limited to that part of the Carriage from and during loading onto the vessel up to and during discharge from the vessel and Balearia Caribbean shall not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever in respect of the Goods or for any other matter arising during any other part of the Carriage even though Charges for the whole Carriage have been charged by Balearia Caribbean. The Merchant constitutes Balearia Caribbean as agent to enter into contracts on behalf of the Merchant with others for transport, storage, handling or any other services in respect of the Goods prior to loading and subsequent to discharge of the Goods from the vessel without responsibility for any act or omission whatsoever on the part of Balearia Caribbean or others and Balearia Caribbean may as such agent enter into contracts with others on any terms whatsoever including terms less favorable than the terms in the Bill of Lading

3. Balearia Caribbean (BC) it’s not responsible for the damage caused to the goods due to weather conditions.

4. Save as otherwise provided herein, Balearia Caribbean shall in no circumstances be liable for direct, indirect or consequential loss or damage caused by delay or any other cause whatsoever and howsoever caused. Without prejudice to the foregoing, if Balearia Caribbean is found liable for delay, liability shall be limited to the freight applicable to the relevant stage of the transport.

5. No Goods which are or may become dangerous, inflammable or damaging or which are or may become liable to damage any property or person whatsoever shall be tendered to the Balearia Caribbean for Carriage without Balearia Caribbean’s express consent in writing and without the Container or other covering in which the goods are to be transported and the Goods being distinctly marked on the outside so as to indicate the nature and character of any such articles and so as to comply with all applicable laws, regulations and requirements. If any such articles are delivered to Balearia Caribbean without such written consent and marking or if in the opinion of the Balearia Caribbean the articles are or are liable to become of a dangerous, inflammable or damaging nature, the same may at any time be destroyed, disposed of, abandoned, or rendered harmless without compensation to the Merchant and without prejudice to Balearia Caribbean’s right to Charges.

6. Balearia Caribbean (BC) reserve the right to accept the merchandise sent to the warehouse without notifying us 24 hours before.

7. All the merchandise must be delivered to Balearia Caribbean at least 24 hours prior to the ship date.

8. According to the policies of Balearia for each day of storage in the warehouse you must pay $ 20USD.

9. Also storage charges of $20.00 per day will be charged to any items not picked up at the destination port on the day of the ships arrival or are held in the warehouse prior to embarkation.

10. Balearia Caribbean (BC) it’s not responsible for the merchandise that is not properly protected to be transported.  In some cases Balearia Caribbean (BC) may not send the merchandise to avoid possible damages, because the merchandise has not been protected enough to be transported.

11. The client must remove the merchandise from his bin in the next 24 hours after the bin arrives at its port of destination. Otherwise Balearia Caribbean (BC) will proceed to put all the goods on pallets and the customer assumes all responsibility for possible damages and losses in their merchandise.

12. After 3 months, abandoned merchandise in the warehouse will become property of Balearia Caribbean. a) If the Goods are unclaimed within a reasonable time as determined by Balearia Caribbean or whenever in Balearia Caribbean’s opinion the Goods are likely to deteriorate, decay or become worthless, or incur charges whether for storage or otherwise in excess of their value, Balearia Caribbean may at Its discretion and without prejudice to any other rights which Balearia Caribbean may have against the Merchant, without notice and without any responsibility attaching to Balearia Caribbean sell, abandon or otherwise dispose of the Goods at the sole risk and expense of the Merchant and apply any proceeds of sale in reduction of the sums due to Balearia Caribbean by the Merchant. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if the Goods are unclaimed within 15 days of arrival at the place of delivery, then on the 16th day said Goods shall conclusively be deemed abandoned, unless prior arrangements are made, in writing, by the Merchant and Balearia Caribbean.

13. If for some reason Balearia Caribbean (BC) cannot send perishable merchandise, the client will be notified to come and pick it up, if the client does not collect it Balearia Caribbean is not responsible for that merchandise.

14. All customers accept all policies and regulations of Balearia Caribbean (BC) when using any of Balearia Caribbean (BC) services.

15. Any damages or missing items transported to Freeport must be claimed right after receiving it. After leaving Balearia Caribbean (BC) warehouse, Balearia Caribbean is not responsible for the damages or lost items not reported.

16. Balearia Caribbean (BC) is not responsible for damage to vehicles that are more than 5 years old. All vehicles must be in good working order and must be able to be driven on and off the vessel. If the vehicle is not in good working to be driven on and off the vessel Balearia Caribbean (BC) it’s not responsible for any damages. a) Balearia Caribbean (BC) it’s not responsible for damage to vehicles that do not turn on.

17. Balearia Caribbean (BC) it’s not responsible for vehicles left outside our facilities.

18. For a vehicle to be accepted / received by Balearia Caribbean (BC) must have all the necessary documents (Bill of Sale, Title, Power of Attorney, Copy of a Valid License.) And comply with all export requirements of The Bahamas and USA.

19. Any damage to a vehicle transported to Freeport must be claimed right after receiving it, after leaving our yard, Balearia is not responsible for the damages not reported.

20. Balearia Caribbean (BC) it’s not responsible for damages to vehicles due to weather conditions.

21. After 3 months due to Balearia Caribbean (BC) company policy, abandoned vehicles in our yard will become property of Balearia Caribbean.

22. After one week Balearia Caribbean will charge $20 dollars by day for the storage fee of vehicles.

23.  All equipment exceeding the measurements originally purchased and accounted for, will be charged an extra fee of $50 or the full price of a second equipment purchase if BC manager request that due to safety reasons.  

24.  BC reserves the right to deny and/or delay shipment of any and all cargo that exceeds weight or/and measures limit guidelines until modifications meeting our standards have been made.

25.   BC does not guarantee the transportation of any and all cargo left at our warehouse without the approval of the supervisor or staff member on duty. 

26.   In case the wrapping is not adequate to hold the cargo properly and BC has to re-wrap the cargo again, a fee of $25.00 will be required to be paid before shipping.

27.  The customer is responsible for collecting the garbage and keeping the cargo area clean after loading the cargo, in case was not properly cleaned, $25 fee must be paid before the cargo is shipped.

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