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  • Each adult passenger is allowed ONE* carry-on item (22”x18”x10”) FREE OF CHARGE. 
  • Any extra carry-on item needs to be checked in at a cost of $25 USD per bag, each way. 
  • Maximum dimensions for a carry-on item is 22 “x18 “x10 “, maximum weight: 26.5 Ib / 12 kg. 
  • Items exceeding these dimensions and weight will be checked in at the cost of US$25 per route. 
  • Each checked luggage must accompany a passenger with a boarding pass. 
  • Oversized luggage such as bicycles, kayaks, scuba equipment etc. will be charged at US$50 (Each way), and $100.00 (Round Trip). Passengers  with oversized luggage traveling round trip must register their items at Customs and Border Protection 24 hours in advance. 
  • Registering your items will allow you to re-enter the United States with no duty requirements. 
  • Passenger traveling with infants/children will be allowed one additional piece of luggage (22”x18”x10”) FREE OF CHARGE. 
  • Luggage may only contain the passenger´s personal effects. 
  • The company shall not be held responsible for any loss or theft of luggage or passenger's personal effects. We recommend passengers to keep valuable items with them at all times. 
  • Passenger (s) shall not carry in their luggage or bring on board; weapons, explosives or inflammable or other dangerous or harmful articles of any kind including narcotic drugs (except under doctor’s prescription). 
  • See terms and conditions about pets on board, in our web site
  • All luggage must be securely packed and distinctly labeled with the passenger's full name, address and telephone number. 
  • Luggage not claimed upon arrival at the port of call: the vessel will store baggage for a period of 30 days at the passengers/owner's risk and expense. 
  • There is a US$10 per bag, per day fee, for storage of any luggage not claimed by the passenger/owner day of travel.
  • Cargo bins (5x5x5 ft.) for the transportation of heavier luggage or cargo. Bins start from $170.00- $220.00 per way (price varies depending on size). Cargo bins must be reserved on-line prior to the date of travel using the website, travel agency or by calling: +1 (866) 699 6988. Passengers must be at the terminal to load their cargo bin the day before sailing. Please check our warehouse schedule by clicking here CARGO. Operational hours in Freeport for all luggage and cargo traveling are between 3:00 PM – 4:30PM 
  • Passengers must comply with any applicable laws, regulations, tariffs, terms or conditions of the port or any third party service provider. Passengers may not take any of the following items on board: firearms, weapons, controlled or prohibited substances, inflammable or hazardous items, contraband prohibited by local, state or federal laws, noxious or offensive items or apparel. Passengers are responsible for all damages and cost they incur.
  • The ship's officers and crew have the right to search any and all baggage for any hazardous, controlled or prohibited substances.  The Carrier is not responsible for any delay, detention, confiscation, damage or destruction of baggage or possessions by the authorities, or for the theft or loss of goods. 
  • Animals cannot be brought aboard the vessel, except for service dogs in the case of passengers with disabilities.
  • All baggage must be securely packed and distinctly labeled with the passenger's full name and address. Unclaimed baggage upon arrival will be stored at the passenger's risk and expense. Baggage will be deemed abandoned if not claimed within 10 days.
  • The passenger agrees that the Carrier’s liability for loss or damage to baggage, valuables or personal property is limited under all circumstances to $250 USD per passenger.
  • The Carrier is not liable for the loss of or damage to money, jewelry, cameras, electronics, documents or any other personal property that the passenger retains in his/her possession.   Valuables and other goods may be carried but solely at the risk of the passenger.  Items deemed to be valuable may be declared once on board and turned over to the Captain for safekeeping; nevertheless, the Carrier does not accept any responsibility for their loss or theft.