Welcome on board ​​​​

If pets look like their owners, why shouldn't they travel like them?

With Baleària Caribbean our pets travel as comfortably as their owners, do. This includes accommodation specially designed for their wellbeing, specific services so that you can enjoy the journey.

How do pets travel on board?

On Baleària Caribbean's ferries your pets travel with the most comfort, in pet-friendly accommodation like chairs where the whole family can relax during the crossing. We also have comfortable calm kennels.

Calm Kennels

These are located in ventilated areas that are equipped for transporting your pet, with special cleaning services. You will be able to visit them during the crossing. 

Pet-friendly seats ​​​​

We also have pet-friendly seats, superior seat accommodation where you can travel with your pet on your lap during the entire journey. Pets travel in their own carrier which must meet certain conditions.





Tips to travel with your pet

If you are planning to travel with your pet, here are some tips to help your furry friend travel like you do.



Necessary documentation

Documents required for travelling with your pet